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Kitgun Pax arcanes: Upgrading equipped one, still shows a rank 0


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Ticket: #1524608

Bought my first 2 new pax seekers to upgrade the unranked one.
Upon doing so, it still showed an unranked one being equipped.

This one no longer existed, as it was now a rank 1 arcane, (yet said it was still 0).
Upon selecting the equip arcanes menu, I had to manually choose the upgraded version for each of my kitguns seperately.

Just a minor inconvenience.
But could use a small fix.






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Imgur images keep resetting to plain text - need to maintain all posts daily. *sighs*
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On 2018-12-07 at 5:51 PM, Bostyan said:

Fix images if you like answer etc. it most be entire url not only name and .jpg

I don't know why it keeps doing that.

But for the first few days, the image shows corectly.
Later, I gotta edit all my posts, as it turns the image links into plain text.
I know not what causes this, but it is very unpleasant to say the least.

Not my error.
I think imgur loses connection to images when new ones are being uploaded.
Which makes me browse all my posts, and re-link them again.

Apologies for any inconvenience.
I too wish it didn't do this.


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Try other pages they are so many I use free page all you need is reg. http://tinypic.com/  Or maybe not even reg. don`t know, but I created account so I have folders etc.I always create account on all pages anyway....

Try it for me works perfect always....

( Uploaded photo was deleted )




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