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Aura Effects on NPCs?


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Aura mods are said to apply to other warframes in your "cell", which I presume means the same as a "squad".

There are certain missions where NPCs are temporarily added to your squad.  These include:

  • Rescue (Hostage)
  • Mobile Defense (informant)
  • Syndicate Missions (two NPC assistants)

Additionally, there are NPCs that the players can equip with their warframes on any mission:

  • Companions (Carrier, Kubrow, Kavat, etc)
  • Summoned Support (Vapor Spectre, Clem, Moa, Roller, Etc)

My question is: Do Aura effects apply to any NPCs in the players squad?

I searched on it extensively but have not found an answer in the wikis or the forums.


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Auras do apply to some extent, except those that do normally have very limited effect. Rejuvenation definitely applies.

Man, that looks like Ancient Warframe in that pic.

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Just now, (PS4)Equinox21697 said:

Never thought anyone would wear that hideous alt helmet of his lol, and the colour scheme...*shivers in default*

+15% power strength though. Remember the helms last time were the arcane helms of today!

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