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Terra Raptor SX Hitbox / UI Disappearing | Fortuna


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While using the Vectis on the Orb Vallis, shots are not registered on the Terra Raptor SX unless I hit a region just below the actual model of the enemy. This makes it nearly impossible to predict or aim actual shots, considering I need to aim for an region I can't see. (I can confirm this occurs with other weapons, as well. I don't receive any sort of hit indication when hitting the body.)


When joining games on the Orb Vallis directly, I encounter a plethora of bugs including, but not limited to;

  • UI not appearing / Disappearing randomly
  • Ability list not showing up at all, not marking abilities I have the energy for as usable
  • Energy bar not appearing at all.

This occurred while playing as Excalibur Umbra and Equinox. I have not tested it with other frames, yet.

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