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Double stealth kill


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This idea is about stealth playing.

Sometimes when you are sneaking around, you can find a couple of enemies standing next to each other, like this:




So I was wondering, could it be possible to have a way to perform a stealth finisher on both targets at the same time?

Now I'm not sure if this feature should be available with every melee weapon type or just for some of them, like for example it could fit well dual wielding melee weapons like Nami Skyla or Fang. So if you are using those weapons, you can have the option to stealth finish two targets with a cool animation. 

This is a minor thing and purely for style, normally I would use Ivara's sleeping arrow and finish them one by one, but still, I think it would be cooler if in this situation we could perform a special finisher, way more satisfying.




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