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Hey guys,

after updating the game via steam, I pressed "play game" in the steam ui. The launcher popped open and began to "check for new content", with a rate between 400b/s and 2mb/s. I wondered if the steam update might have failed, so I closed the launcher, uninstalled the game and completely reinstalled it via steam. Same issue.

Then I went, via steam, to "browse local files", and opened the launcher directly from the installed directory insise steamapps/common. Via 10 seconds it "checked for new content" and I could play. Yesss! Now, same machine, same isntallation, I open steam, click on "play", the launcher opens, and checks for new content. With 1mb/s. It takes ages. Closed it, opened from directory, it's instantly playable. Opened via steam again, checking for updates in slow.

Why? And what to do? I find strange, that obviously something updates, even though I updated it inside steam and it obviously is up to date.

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