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Small changes for the Nagantaka? (Possible tiny buff)


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So, I have to agree with a lot of people on this issue. The Nagantaka just feels weird to use. It’s a good weapon with awesome stats, don’t get me wrong, but it feels incredibly awkward to use.

The fire rate is one of the things I have an issue with. It feels difficult to effectively follow a consistent firing pattern. Being a semi-auto crossbow, you have to click every time you want to fire. It might be because of that slow fire rate that it’s difficult to chain your shots, making it hard to get a good firing rhythm going before you have to reload. However, this is the lesser of the problems I have with the weapon.

The main problem I have is the burst fire alt.

What this alt-fire does is unleash the remaining bolts in the clip in rapid succession. This burst is faster firing than the primary fire and is uninterruptible unless you dodge roll. The alt fire can be very inconvenient to use, as it leaves you open to attack afterwards, or causes you to waste ammo on only two enemies or something. All in all, it just doesn’t feel right to use, and it’s not very rewarding for doing so.

However, there is a simple buff to the nagantaka that makes a majority of these problems go away and make it fun to use again.

1. Increase clip size from 9 to 15.

2. Alt-Fire now releases 3 bolts in rapid succession with reduced accuracy.

3. Reload speed buff now stacks up to three times on alt-fire, increasing for each bolt that connects with a target. Reload speed buff is applied after kill. Alt-Fire is still loud and alerts enemies


Yep. That’s it. No major stat changes. With the reload speed buff upgrade, it should encourage people to use the alt-fire a bit more. The noise level on it is still loud, so it encourages the use of the primary fire for precision and/or stealth. Hopefully this buff suggestion reaches DE, as I’d like to make this crossbow just a bit more formidable.

Let me know what you guys think or if you have any other ideas!

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the reload speed increase passive is unecessary and it needs a fast reload buff

rate of fire needs to be increased too

clip size is fine if the reload speed makes up for it

projectile speed is too slow as well i can fireoff like 10 bullets before that arrow hits my target

kinda sad that the secondary crossbows hit harder than the primary ones and are more versatile...

i mean this is why people dont use crossbows much because other weapons can do a better job than them...

with so many downsides of using a crossbow no wonder we rarely see people use them... 

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I find the weapon to be pretty good. It scales decent. Though it does have a serious design flaw.

The Reload buff only triggers from head-shot KILLS.... on a Bleed weapon.

The reload buff should activate on head-shots otherwise it's unreliable at best since bleed ticks are going to be killing enemies.

EDIT: Oh, also the forced Impact proc is really counter productive to getting head-shots. I thought we covered this back when DE wanted to make Impact ragdoll enemies. Impact procs are bad for aiming. Please remove it.

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10 hours ago, Yousho said:


I've got mine on to build, but from what I've seen, it can output some truly, truly disgusting levels of damage. 

I thought so too... til I used it. Wonky, small hitbox, slow projectiles, didn't feel smooth using it at all. Alt fire makes it an inferior automatic weapon. Wasted a potato thinking it would be good based on the paper stats, but IMO the preexisting crossbows are better. Mastery fodder for me until it's buffed.

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