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Add the Fortuna Theme to Your PS4 Home Screen!


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When you need to see Warframe from boot-up to shut-down, our new Dynamic Theme has you covered as you get ready for the upcoming release of Fortuna!

The new theme features the Fortuna cityscape in all of its bustling, neon glory. Transport yourself to Fortuna today! You can find it by going to Store > Add-Ons > Themes > Filter by "Free" > Sort "Name Z-A"

Regional dates for this Theme are:

  • North America - December 4
  • South America - December 5
  • Europe - December 5
  • Asia - December 6
  • Japan - December 6

Get inspired to lift together with the latest Fortuna-inspired Dynamic Theme on PS4!

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13 minutes ago, (PS4)LamentaBill said:

Word from Danielle is that they are sending the build to cert TODAY, as reported in the switch stream today. 

Meanwhile, thanks for the ps theme. Looks and sounds great. Grabbed it yesterday. 

Yes! This is correct 🙂 The build is being shipped off to Microsoft and Sony for cert today! 

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