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Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.3 +

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1 hour ago, [DE]Drew said:

Fixed Companions orbiting around you sometimes when you stop moving. 

Aw that was cute when they would do that in your ship sometimes (possibly trying to settle in a position occupied by a decoration).

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Thanks for the patch! I'd really like to see a little more time spent on fixing up some long-standing bugs, though:

  • Tonkor grenades do not explode on contact at any distance, and do not deal damage on contact
  • The "ability in use" bug is prevalent now, happens to someone in my squad every third map or so (not just on the Plains/Vallis!)
  • Nova's Antimatter Orb will stick to her arm and even inflict ally damage if she is wearing certain arm accessories
  • The Clashing Forest staff stance has at least one broken (missing/misplaced/too small) hitbox
  • The Quanta simply does nothing when pressing alt-fire with less than 10 ammo (should reload)
  • Fishing on the Vallis still does not work properly in multiplayer (servofish not catchable or not synced)
  • Infested enemy noises persist after the enemy has died
  • Enemies will often grossly exceed their normal fire rate when blind-firing
  • Trading with a player before they have properly entered the dojo causes them to be stuck in loading loop
  • Exterminate missions still very frequently have buggy enemy spawning, forcing players to backtrack to spawn enough enemies
  • Khora's Ensnare can drag Lephantis' heads around in the first phase
  • Khora's Strangledome and Limbo's Cataclysm can interact in strange ways
  • Still no Unicode support on the English client for inexplicable reasons
  • Despite the above, you have to press enter twice to send a message on a machine with IME enabled
  • Chat frequently stays open after sending a link, requiring the user to press ESC to exit
  • Frequently, keyboard inputs function on multiple parts of the UI simultaneously, causing improper inputs when a dialog is presented
  • Entering operator mode when your Warframe is near death can cause your operator to instantly "die" and your Warframe to go down (lag?)

Also, while these are not bugs, I would like to see these long-standing complaints at least acknowledged:

  • There are no separate keys for weapon select (i.e. <foo> for primary, <bar> for secondary, <baz> for melee, etc)
  • There is no way to insert items in the gear wheel instead of adding them on to the end
  • Tonfa weapons have extremely short range, even shorter than fist weapons, which makes them very weak (maybe fix in melee 3.0?)
  • Still no weapon type skins allowed on Zaws (I know the given reason; maybe re-write that code as part of melee 3.0?)
  • Warframe's matchmaking behavior is infuriating (see below)

The matchmaking thing refers to the way the game aggressively puts players in squad even when they attempt to leave. In general the game is way too eager to keep squads together. When the host leaves a squad, that should simply dissolve the squad. Don't start slapping people back together and force me to mash the "Leave Squad" button for 30 seconds to get back to solo play. I don't know these guys, we've probably not traded even a single chat message, don't shove me into a group with them because we ran an alert together. Optimally, I'd like a "return to solo" or "leave squad after mission complete" toggle somewhere. Failing that, a "leave squad" hotkey would suffice, but definitely is sub-optimal.

This is just what came to mind off the top of my head, I'm sure I could come up with more bugs if I think about it for awhile.

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I am from the Russian region. I am writing through Google translator. Sorry.

Below are those bugs and inaccuracies that have not yet been fixed.

Obstacle course:
1. Cylinders disappear when colliding with a camera in construction mode or a warframe that is not even going through the test.
2. Mannequins can still be killed by another player while passing the track.
3. Ammos are not replenished after passing the track. It is necessary to use the item to restore the ammo or go back to the dojo.
4. After exiting the track, you can be thrown into any random room in the dojo. I think you should appear right where you were before entering it.
5. track coloring can only see the host. other players see standard coloring.
6. the reverse side of the laser disc does damage if you jump on it or crouch to jump.
7. It is still not possible to make an obstacle course only for the Operator, by removing the opportunity to choose a warframe.
8. The energy of the Operator during the course is not visible.
9. There is no device with the help of which it is possible to interrupt the passage ahead of time. Only death.
10. If you passing the obstacle course by the Operator, then the passage can not be interrupted, even by the death of Warframe, since he becomes invulnerable. To interrupt the passage of the obstacle course for the operator is only possible by going to the dojo.
11. Solo mode does not work. Players have to wait for their turn to pass the obstacle course.

1. Old jewelery still requires 3 points of capacity when new ones are worth 1.
2. For jewelry purchased from Business, Ticker, Baro and purchased for platinum in the store (I play at the RU, the names may differ), you still cannot change the size in the dojo. Why do they have a capacity of 20 if they are so small?
3. The teleport still does not support the Russian language. Russian players are forced to write Russian words in English letters.


Why not make it possible to let fireworks into the dojo? We could celebrate holidays with the clan and friends. Concept attached below.

fireworks at the dojo

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1 hour ago, [DE]Drew said:

Fixed delay between the end of Garuda's Seeking Talons release animation and being able to charge her Dread Mirror.

Oddly enough, the Battacor has a similar problem. Can't do anything for a second after firing the charged shot.

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1 hour ago, LepraSK said:

Why is max framerate is in Hz now? And i see two 120 values, but no 100.

Hz is measure of frequency. 120 Hz is 120 FPS, because hertz means "repetitions per second". Just in case you were uninformed.

Otherwise, it's because it's now tied to your monitor's refresh rate, because running say, 120 FPS on a 60Hz monitor it's about the same as running on 60 FPS because your monitor isn't fast enough to handle it.

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2 hours ago, [DE]Drew said:

Fortuna: Hotfix

  • Fixed a crash that could occur with gore disabled.
  • Fixed (potentially) crashes on Windows 7 without Service Pack 1. Everyone on the team wants to point out if you are in this scenario, you've resisted updating for almost 7 years. C'mon.
  • Fixed a crash in the Ambulas fight.
  • Fixed an issue with the mining laser UI getting stuck on screen if town gates were opening.
  • Fixed additional crashes


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5 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:


Thanks for the fixes. A thing to ask, though - Will the kitgun damage values be fixed to the intended 84 base on Tombfinger? Currently the values are 36 and 60 for gibber and ramble, respectively. This bug has been present since Update 24.0.7 and was not a problem on the Gibber grip before this.

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