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23.5.0 Mask of the Revenant - Hotfix 2


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Mask of the Revenant: Hotfix 2

Our Second hotfix is here - included in this Hotfix are listed below. We are already working on a third hotfix for: Performance, Crashes, and controller Deadzones!


- Fixed an issue where you would be unable to purchase items in the Market as described here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1034817-nintendo-switch-launch-purchasing-issue-information/
- Fixed a potential crash when launching the game.
- Fixed an issue where you could be placed in an 'Autodetect' Region, not allowing for matchmaking until you switch your region manually.
- Fixed an issue with missing and inconsistent capitalization in menus.
- Fixed an issue where 'Twitch Prime with Prime' items were not being rewarded. Simply relog and it'll be there!
- Fixed an issue where timestamps in chat could appear jumbled.


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