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Excaliburs Augment Mod : Furious Javelin


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It seems, that when you buff your meele dmg with "Furious Jevelin", it can stack infinitely.


Hitting 12 enemys with 100% Power strenght : +60% meele dmg bonus. Thats what that mod does right?


Then hitting less enemys befor your old buff decades, say overiting it with 50% meele dmg bonus, the 60% stays indefinitely (unless you die after bleed out)

This can be stacked infinitely, and can allow an Skana without any mods, to 1 hit kill an 125 Corrupted Heavy Gunner (even higher)

Just wanted to throw this out, to make it known. Because this can get exploited very hard, its even possible to hunt Eidolons with it.


Creepey sign out!

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