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Scan not count toward Rare Orokin Storage Container


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Today I decided to fill my last entries in the codex, Rare/ Reinforce Orokin/ Corpus/ Grineer Storage Container.

I started with Rare Orokin Storage Container, since its on Lua - Musical room.

First time, my Helios scanned it. After the mission, I checked the codex and saw it not count, so I thought it must be Helios' fault.

Second time, I scan it with a codex scanner (I didnt use Helios in this mission), still the scan not count.

I think its a bug, or maybe I'm wrong about Lua - Musical room.

Also Valana Sculpture is still not in the codex, mine at least, and I have scanned it multiple times.

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As i posted above, I scanned it after the musical challenge was completed (the Rare Orokin Storage Container will show up after that, on the left side), 2 times, 1 with Helios, 1 with codex scanner (if an object is not completed in the codex, it will glows in orange color, and my codex only misses the Rare / Reinforce storage container, and Its color is orange for those 2 times), but it wouldnt count in the codex, still 1/5 (It was 1/5 before I did those 2 scans)

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