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Fixing The Whole Kit & Caboodle of Conservation


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I have hunted enough to have each floof & the conservation emblem. A few changes that would make conservation better would be:

  • A "STFU Biz" button. I know what I am doing & I know the lore, so just let me listen for the direction the animal is already. Stop acting surprised that I have found an uncommon or rare animal as if I had not already done it. Maybe this could unlock once you get the emblem so he knows you know what you are doing & you can still get info as needed until then.


  • If Eudico has a different transmission look once you reach Old Mate, why doesn't Biz?


  • FIX KUBRODONS! All other animals behave correctly & so does the environment while hunting them. With kubrodons, I find they spawn down wind WAY more often than any other animal. I would say well over 50% of their spawns are down wind so they just auto detect us. If they do not spawn down wind, the wind seems to change so they become down wind, smelling us instantly. And even IF they are up wind & stay that way, kubrodons still just know where you are. Brindle kubrodons seem to get alerted far more easily than the other 2 in my experience. Kubrodons also wake up from Ivara's sleep arrows before the duration is over. The other animals sleep for the whole duration.


  • Bring conservation & new animals to the plains. While you're at it, just bring all the good stuff from Fortuna there too. Cetus sucks.


  • Recolor the hunt start/poop icons on the map to match the lure/animal. Purple: pobber, red: virmink, blue: bolarola, yellow/gold: kubrodon. No more needlessly taking out our tranq then equipping the lure we need just to hunt a specific animal.


  • Make the Oxylus sentinel actually useful & not just mastery fodder. The abilities it has suck & are useless. "Scan Lifeforms: Allows the player an additional 4 active Conservation encounters." Why? We only ever focus on 1 at a time anyway. If this is for groups hunting all over the map, just let them hunt by themselves then & only the players participating in the hunt get the standing for it. If you are at another part of the map doing something else or hunting something else then you only get standing for yourself away from that hunt the other player is doing. "Scan Matter: Marks the minimap with resource containers within 60m for 8 seconds at a time, every 30 seconds." Again, why? We already have other loot detecting mods that work 24/7 rather than for 8 seconds at a time for a radius that is just as good if not better. If this sentinel is actually made for conservation then let it have REAL abilities for that. Some things that come to my mind are:
  1. An ability to release friendly pheromones so if we end up up wind from an animal, our smell will not make them run away & maybe even make them move faster to us.
  2. If we have the Oxylus equipped then leave the poop markers on the map the whole time we are in the vallis. This way we don't need to have the multi-step equips just to find the next hunt that I mentioned in the last bullet point. This gets even more annoying when the waypoints keep disappearing & you have to do it all over again.
  3. Much like how an augmented Helios can show the weak spots of an enemy once scanned, the Oxylus should be able to tranq weak spots of an animal while hunting. Good for people with bad aim against bolarolas.
  4. Let it go off a head of us & capture the sleeping animal. It looks similar to the pick up drone anyway, why not actually make it as useful?
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