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MTR's Workshop - Rhino Skin WIPS

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Hey people! 

I've only recently joined the Warframe community, but I kinda wanna try myself at Tennogen stuff, so here are a few renders of the Rhino skin idea I've been working on for the past few days.

Any critique/ideas/suggestions/opinions are welcome! 

I will try updating this thread as often as possible as I continue working.

Materials are added to show the break-up and don't represent the final look.  f7QCPZghyTY.jpgDtrffi1XcAAdYHa.jpg:largeDtrfhMTWsAoVsbZ.jpg:largeTurntable GIF:

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23 minutes ago, Atekron said:

hi, looks cool, but you should, probably, read it https://www.warframe.com/steamworkshop/help/

yeah I already did, but maybe I should do that more attentively. It's still not quite clear to me how the whole tennogen system works, it's quite different from other workshops I've been doing stuff for.

Been thinking of starting from scratch anyway and consider this one a warm-up. 

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