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MR 30 Cosmetic Reward and Syndicate


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so after a player reaches MR 30, that is to assume there isn't going to be a mastery rank 31+, what is there to do? DE is sure to develop more weapons and warframes afterward. however, unless they are of interest to the player, there isn't going to be much point in obtaining or leveling these weapons and warframes. you are mastery rank 30, and thus each weapon obtained is going to have max mod capacity. even while the devs could just make master rank 31+ with more daily syndicate standing, that would mean master rank rewards would no longer have any relevance to the literal mastery of a weapon or warframe (no more +1 base mod Capacity). that is to say unless they increase mod capacity past 30/60, even though it would make forma or polarity irrelevant to high-ranked players.

so here is my suggestions for mastery rank 30 rewards.

1) Unlocks a New Mastery Syndicate

this syndicate would work like any other with its own unique way to gain standing.

a number challenges is given to the player weekly. each weapon and warframe would have its own challenge the player must complete with said weapon or warframe in order to gain standing for the Mastery Syndicate. the more weapons you have, the more challenges.

of course the syndicate would offer rewards for the standing you have obtained. skins, armor, weapons, rare items, etc. i cant really say what the rewards would be specifically.

2) Unlocks a Glamour System

this would allow players to use an owned rank 30 warframe's abilities, stats, and polarities on another owned rank 30 warframe. same goes for weapons but this could be limited to weapon type if this makes it less awkward or complicated.

if a mastery syndicate were to be implemented, have it offer the resources needed in order to place glamours on warframe and weapons.

as complicated as it would seem, i think its a decent reward for reaching the rank, being as challenging as it is.

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