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[suggestion] special hunting mission


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I could put a special mission after hunting number of times once all the variables of a species where The Business ask you to rescue / hunt some ultra-fast prey that can only be caught in a special way that says The Business to avoid the exact use of the effect of the habilidad "dream" and if it has to use the rifle all this for some prize X to recover it. for example "King pubber" the mission would be to capture it but the difficulty would be that it is in the middle of a herd of ej. 20 subjects for the purpose and defend King, decrease the number of subjects until it is alone and thus have to catch it.
Another example would be to catch a "Matriarch Kubrodon", where this is a certain number of shots, but the difficulty is like a "matriarch" this has its protection group and apart from having to shoot the matriarch with the rifle, you would have to defend yourself Dodge and attack the various kubrodons who come to protect their mistress.
What do you think? : D


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