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Making Warfram Parts MUST Require Different Components Depending On The Type of Warframe


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All of the warfram parts use the same components to be made. I think that should not be - if thats the case then we should get the same result, how is it that once when I mix them I get Mag parts, and another time I get Rhino's? No . . . they must be special.

Using Rubedo for everything will make earth and pluto a farming land, but that is not good. If for every warframe new elements are required, then this would encourage players to go and explore other planets to get when they want.

As to what should the ingredients be - I dont know, I am not a lore expert and I have no idea what actually all the ingredients are and what is their real purpose. The devs know and should try to make witty combinations that compliment the warframe. and remember, you may have to modify the amounts for each warfram to make sure its possible. for instance you can use Gallium for mag, but not 500 units, only 10 or 20 units - since they drop one at a time. For Ash Warfram you can use more plastids and infected materials since Ash is a roach in essense.

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