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Blazing Chakram: Targeting Inconsistency Fix (Edited to be worth reading!)


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Possible Changes:

  1. Instead of not having the ability to not hit the same enemy more than once it has the ability to ricochet off a target up to ~2-3 times, not do damage on follow up bounces, but also not consume a 'ricochet charge' (Will target units that haven't been hit yet over old ones). Probably my favorite change out of the bunch because it fits the fun theme of having it bounce around like crazy and simply gives it more chances to do its thing.
  2. When the first thing Blazing Chakram hits is an enemy, it keeps no momentum/angle from where it was just thrown, it simply chooses a target and hurls itself at it; in absence of a clear target it goes to a nearby surface. In a vacuum I think this might just be how it's supposed to work.
  3. Instead of ricocheting off of enemies, it draws a line between an enemy it has a clear path to and a surface behind them, it flies until it hits the surface (presumably hitting the enemy in the process) and upon hitting the surface it repeats this until it runs out of bounces or enemies. Honestly I like this idea more as a change to how the charged Chakram functions; although I like the idea of having the straight shot piercing option.

Massive TL;DR: Blazing Chakram is fussy; throw it at a 'good' angle and it's god damn amazing. Unfortunately in Warframe you naturally spend over ~90% of the time you're alive in 'bad' angles.

Honestly I never thought about picking up this frame till very recently because of the clunky kit, but I made him recently and have been having a blast.

There is one pretty big thing that makes him still feel off though and that's the targeting on his Chakram:

  • When its thrown with ANY downward angle whatsoever it usually hit the first mob, bounce off the ground below them into the sky, and never find its way back to another enemy...
  • When thrown horizontally, or with just about any upward angle, then it targets as one would hope; usually ricocheting from enemy to enemy till it runs out of bounces and comes right back home.
  • Hallways / Narrow passageways with ceilings seem like they would be god tier for keeping the Chakram in check but honestly feel like more of a crap shoot than anything. If it misses a single target then it just bounces around aimlessly till it decides to come back.

It seems like the Chakram when thrown downwards will almost pierce the first target and go straight into the ground or a box behind them; but when thrown up towards the enemy it will more often then not hit the first enemy and fly straight towards another... Kind of an odd inconsistency.

I have multiple guesses as to why this could be, or at least appear, to be this way. The one that makes the most sense to me is that the Chakram has a very small delay between it hitting an enemy and it knowing what it hit wasn't a wall. Because when it hits an enemy it seems to go into a 'Targeting Mode' instead of it's innate 'Ping Pong Mode'; so it simply hasn't registered that it hit an enemy before it ricochets off the ground, and as soon as the ground is touched it just never switches to 'Targeting Mode'. So when thrown at a more upward angle it has a much higher chance of not hitting anything before it switches modes and starts murdering fools.

Edited by Killallu
New testing / Clearer ideas
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Thanks for posting this, I was also constructing similar feedback and was gathering some gameplay to try and highlight my point. I don't know if these are bugs or if the ability is working as intended because the ability text doesn't say it will bounce between enemies at all but so maybe it is slightly random. Here are a few examples I have:

  1. In this example I expect it to hit the at least one of the other moas, ideally all of them. Instead the chakram shoots into the air over to the left. (Gfycat link)
  2. In this example I expect it to seek out the other enemies after the first two, you can see two grineer remain unaffected and the chakram has gone off to the right (Gfycat link)
  3. In this example I expect it to hit the grineer behind the first but it appears to bounce off the ground and then do nothing (Gfycat link)
  4. In this example there are 4 corpus and it hits two of them but instead of continuing the bounces it flies away (Gfycat link)

I have collected some more examples which I'm happy to edit and submit in gif form if that helps. My feedback is that what I was hoping would happen is that the chakram would prioritize bouncing between enemies maybe up to a capped amount (4 or something) and if it couldn't bounce then it would fly away. Because it doesn't strictly say it in the text it's hard to know,bBut the Dev Rework does suggest that it should behave as we intend with the following phrase.


Increased the number of targets the disc will try to hit before recalling, and improved some cases of faulty lock-on targeting. 

I'd love some feedback if what we're seeing is a bug or just the chakram being itself 🙂

Either way, despite being disappointed in this ability at times I absolutely adore the warframe and hope I can play it in the future. As a fairly new player I'm having a great time in the game and I appreciate all the effort from the team!

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I really like number 2 as you proposed it. I also feel that's closest to how it seems intended to work.

I have played a few mission now where I did try to pay attention to the angle before throwing and that does seem to help. I do wish it would home in off enemies more after floor and wall bounces, which do seem to send it away from enemy groups right now.

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