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Weapon Modding


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20 minutes ago, (PS4)local-trap-god said:

It has a 5% crit chance and 10% status chance.

ye. its a pretty bad weapon and not really worth it.

But if you really want to use it, I would recommend slapping all crit and damage mods on it together with toxic+electricity elemental mods

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4 hours ago, (PS4)local-trap-god said:

How do I know when to go for a pure damage build, crit build, or status build.

Well, look at the numbers (or Warframe Builder) 😛

Something like 20% Status and (barring Maiming Strike) 15% Crit Chance with at least 2.0x Crit Damage
I'd consider the minimum to make a proper Status or Crit build (or hybrid if both are decent) work on a Melee weapon.

4 hours ago, (PS4)local-trap-god said:

good sword for Mastery Rank 4

Does it need to be a (regular, one-handed) Sword?

Because the early game has loads of meh choices in that regard,
while e.g. Atterax is godlike in comparison (once modded correctly, of course),
you could give, say, Ack & Brunt / Tekko / Tipdeo a try for Crit (and maybe Slash proc) funzies,
and not least, there's the mighty Redeemer, you know, just in case you find the idea of a Shotgun Gunblade interesting 😄

If you really want a Sword Sword, or at worst wouldn't mind a free weapon slot,
use the promo code WOOLIEM FREESWORD on the main Warframe website / the Market.

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5 hours ago, (PS4)local-trap-god said:

I'm playing Excalibur right now so I need a good sword.

Eh, Excal's passive isn't exactly a gamechanger, you can totally ignore it and just use whatever, no biggie.

5 hours ago, (PS4)local-trap-god said:

any good melees for him that's around Mastery Rank 4-5?

I mean ... read my previous post again? I kinda mentioned several right there.

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1 hour ago, (PS4)local-trap-god said:

any other Warframes I should start farming for as a beginner

I quite enjoyed Oberon way back when (and still do), can't go wrong with a versatile Frame like that one.

Frost is similarly great in a variety of missions, not just for Defense / Globe usage.

1 hour ago, (PS4)local-trap-god said:

I'm getting new melee weapons from quest I complete but I don't know if they're good or not. What should I do?

The only early Melee weapon Quest reward that comes to mind is Ether Daggers,
which is a Dual Dagger, which means it's hot garbage 😛

I guess you could take a look at other topics where new players ask about weapon suggestions,
see which weapons keep popping up.

Or, use this:


It's not a 100% thing, but you could more or less go by the rule of
the lower the Riven Disposition, the more popular (i.e. strong) the weapon,
so take a look at (the Wiki pages of) weapons with a Disposition of 1 or 2 for a start.

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