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Ak Kulstar...Nuke The Map.


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I would rather like a Kulstar Wraith, quality over quantity.

I already have my Kulstar painted similar to the Kuva theme and it's beautiful when i use it with Harrow, Banshee or Trinity with the same colors.

Also, iirc. i might have a duplicate Kulstar riven so i could also cash out on this. :3

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Have y'all been introduced to the Staticor?

If not, it is my sincere duty as a fellow Tenno to instruct you to slap those on and spam the fire trigger. The recent buff giving it AOE makes it one of the most amazing Nuke Spam weapons in the game. Mod it right, riven does great, and it just wrecks. Best thing is it doesn't deal self-damage.

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Il y a 8 heures, Flandyrll a dit :

What about the idea of a Dual Prisma Angstrum instead? More sleek and stylish with twice as much self-kill in a single charge.

You have twice the ammo but divided between 2 guns.

The spread would be the same but double the projectile.

There is a certain cap where accuracy start to mess with multishot.

The accuracy of the first shot is almost always pinpoint (put multishot on that and both will be considered second shot)

Talking about launcher here, bow and hitscan weapon are less affected.

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