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AI Umbra not receiving effects of conditional, timed self buffs.


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Excalibur Umbra's AI mode seems unaffected by Mods and Warframe Arcanes that rely on timed, conditional (such as "on damaged" or "on crit") buffs (examples being Adaptation, Arcane Guardian, Arcane Grace, etc.) but, status effect resistance Arcanes such as Arcane Deflection and Arcane Cold seem to function properly because they do not rely on a timed buff.

I do not know if this was intended or if it was just a quirk of how he was made. Presumably the player controlled Umbra warframe is whisked away and a duplicate that is a Specter is spawned in, which isn't set up to trigger Warframe Arcanes or receive their effects for unknown reasons. 

I don't know how many people play with him in Operator tag-team like I try to, but Umbra's AI mode could really use a look and maybe a little touch-up when there is time.
Thank you in advance. 🙂

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