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Orb Vallis - submersible stream(s).


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Ticket: #1525945

Fortuna - Orb Vallis: Stream south of Transit Depot.

A perfect day for some mining.

After my tour of prospecting leads me around, I end up at the waterstream, south of the Transit Depot.
Turns out, I can submerse myself quite deeply into the water.

I just had to know, after seeing everything from below, how this would affect fish.
Thus, after taking my spear, the following scenario plays before my eyes.
Fish who perfectly swim at the surface, now appear as if they are flying above me.

At many points, the camera even doesn't know where to look at.
The moment you look up, it raises itself several meters above your warframe.
With the aiming reticle pointing somewhere completely different.
The fishing rod, and any gun, thus effectively get thrown/fired from a point somewhere high above your warframe instead.

Fish can easily be seen, and more easily caught.
Providing a possible exploit.
Though also notable, is that every fish in streams like this across the Vallis, are appearently sentient.

The moment you throw a spear, fish allready get spooked.
Thus, the moment from where you press the launch button, untill where the spear lands, causes to allways be a miss.
Since the fish have moved away immediately from the moment where you merely 'attacked'.
Not waiting for it to land in the water, which should scare them only from that point on instead.

At certain locations, it is even possible to perfectly stand underwater, then crouch.
And the moment you release the crouch button, the screen of fading darkness appears briefly.
After which you are ported back to the exact same location; underwater.

Spooked fish at a spear's throw, is reproducible at any stream in the Vallis.
Submersible streams, is reproducible for the current location.
I will need to test out the other waters, before I can note my findings about those.





That blur down the bottom of the screen here; that's my warframe.
No editing done, this is what it actually looks like.




With updates on other streams.

Near Fortuna:

Continued to test the streams near fortuna.
And these where plagued with the same issues.

There was also a spot, where you just keep on resetting to a 'pitfall'
Resulting in an endless loop of respawning and blackscreening.
Marked that spot with a waypoint (with the black screens).

Later, a few paces on the other stream, often port me back to the entrance to Fortuna.
While both frame and K-drive are still up at the streams.

Tried to also clip through a rock, but that didn't seemed to work.
I did manage however, to crawl pretty deep inside.

From here, and underwater spaces as well,
ziplines can be perfectly cast to unreachable spots.
Though trying to climb them, to reach out of bounds territory, is not possible.





Finally was able to finish supervising all other streams.
All nifty trcikery and hijinks added in ticket log.

Edited by Guest
More streams being tested. (And Imgur links keep going to plain text >.<)
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