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Gara melee mods with certain zaws seems to be broken


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So I just got around to putting forma on my Gara and was setting up a melee weapon to get the maximum out of my 2 4 1 combo. I put a bunch of pure damage mods on a heavy blade zaw and tested it in the simulacrum. I got 18.1k damage on my splinter storm, and since I have the zamariu skin for her I thought it would be fitting to mod my nikana prime with the same exact build as on the zaw. Her 1st ability should only scale of my melee mods, and power strength of course, and it shouldn't take base stats into consideration. With the nikana I got 11k damage on my 2 which is considerably less than with the zaw. I asked around and literally no one I asked knew why, so I started testing several melee weapons. Every weapon I tested gave me 11k damage except for 2, both happened to be zaws, and they gave me as I mentioned 18.1k and 12.8k damage.The other weapons were 2 non zaws and 1 machete zaw. So at this point I'm pretty sure zaws are broken with Gara's abilites. I'll just stick to using nikana and hope they fix this. 🙂

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