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Garuda bugs!


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When playing my Garuda, her talent abilities lock up. In missions, exploring out on Fortuna or any fight in general, when selecting 1, 2 3 or 4.. it says... Ability already in use! Also, my avatar also gets teleported back to the Fortuna platform from the elevator when I attack using 1 or 2 where I must spike the person. My teammate several times tells me I've disappeared from the map and then I'm teleported back to the elevator!

I've been in missions on Helene where I am falling or up in the sky and cannot do a thing after trying to spike the enemy!  These bugs are very crippling when trying to fight!!! PLEASE help! I just went 4 waves of ODD and could not use my abilities!!! They simply lock up and I cannot fight, again it shows " Ability in use" I cannot switch weapons I'm useless in fights!

I have sent the log files along with my trouble ticket but they state those logs don't help them and I need to direct this issue to the forums. This has been happening for weeks now! When is someone going to address this issue?

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