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Game Freeze!


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Today 09.09.2013 
I started playing at about 8:00 Cest time Bucharest and the game kept freezing. 
After i closed the game because it stopped responding i opened again and started playing but after some time, again freeze. 
Also the game freezes after the host changes.
It happends at random moments, yesterday i played and had no problem.
My internet is fine and i did not modify anything on my pc.

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I'll add to this, same freezing that came with 9.8. It doesn't seem to be related to a particular action by myself or teammate. I guess it is happening to others as there are a higher rate of dropouts during the game. Intel CPU with AMD card. If it helps any sounds that are playing complete without repetition.


I am an ardent defender of the whole 'beta' reasons for breakages but this one is a gamebreaker.


Additionally on a laggy game the bug that ammo drops were collected by one player rather than available to all players. i only mention it because it was shown as fixed on a prior update.



Acknowledge response by Priordialis (I should have searched sooner than adding to the top thread.) Thanks for link

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