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Alias change not updated in forum



As per the title, I'm trying to change my forum alias to match my in-game alias. I believe it's causing some issues with warframe.market's sign-up process, as I've tried to contact them for a week now with no help to be found. I think, simply, that they can't change my market profile to match my new alias because the forum still uses my old alias. This means that parties interested in buying or selling have been unable to reach me and the person/people that run the warframe.market app have been unable to respond to me yet, so I'm trying to find something I can do in the meantime. For what it's worth, I went through the process on warframe.market which, of course, won't work, because my forum alias is still the old one. I have logged out of the forums and back in.

Any help you can provide would be great, even if it's just making the thread more visible. Thanks, tenno.

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Fifth time's the charm, though. Mods, please delete, as I am no longer the tenno I was two minutes ago.

For those that want the specifics or anyone else that gets this issue, this is the correct order you need to follow:
1. While on the forum page, click to log out.
2. Do not immediately log in, as this caused issues. Instead, click to navigate to the forums.
3. Once you're back to the forum page, click to log in.
4. You'll go through the same process you'd normally see, except it'll dump you back into the forum page, rather than the warframe home.
5. Follow through with warframe.market's instructions on changing your alias.

I believe there may be a slight error when logging in at the warframe home that causes it not to request an alias update that is somehow flagged and caught when pressing "log in" on the forum page specifically, rather than logging in on the home. Or, maybe I just play Limbo on mobile defense with max duration. I dunno.

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Clarification and future reference?
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