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All currently released Warframes in one song


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Sung to the tune of “Countries of the World” from Animaniacs


Theres Banshee, Excaliba,

Frost, Chroma, Gara,

and Trinity’s got healing to boot!

There’s Rhino and Harrow,

Inaros from Baro,

Ivara and Mesa can Shoot!


There’s Loki, Volt, Oberon,

Nezha slides on and on,

Atlas can hit like a truck!

There’s Wukong and Nidus,

A child inside-us,

and Mag with Counter Pulse won’t suck!


Oh, Limbo’s the god of a mobile defense,

While Titania shrinks down and flies,

Vauban’s just there throwing balls all around,

While Ash makes sure everything dies!


Now Valkyr’s a-harmin’

While Nekros is farmin’

As they’re blinded by the light of Mirage,

But aren’t they darin’

When they’re joined by a Saryn

’Cause Ember is flaming garbage


And Hydroid is wettin’

and Zephyr is jettin’,

Octavia’s writing this tune!

And Nyx is a peepin’

at Equinox sleepin’

and Nova just makes things go Boom!


Oh, Warframe’s a world with bound’ries untold,

with Cetus and Corpus gas city,

and also there’s Ballas

who’s really quite callous

so Umbra stabbed him in the kidney!


There’s Revenant and Khora

Whom you can ignore-a

and let’s not forget ‘bout Garuda,

and of course the Triuna

and the guys from Fortuna

and Ordis, Simaris, and Suda!

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