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[Trinity] Link + Torid


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Hello guys,


I was playing with some friends on Saturday when, accidentally, we discovered that Trinity's Link 2.0 is transferring the damage of Torid's cloud.


I was not using the Torid. With Link enabled, crossed the cloud of a friend and the enemy affected by my Link suffered from Torid DoT.


My question is if this happened with Link 1.0 and is part of the effect of 2.0?


Remembering that I do not suffer damage from Torid, only enemies affected by Link.
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One of the Ember's skills also works with Link (but nothing compared to the Torid).


It's ridiculous playing this way Xini. Link works as an aim-bot for Torid and triples their targets.


If you aim directly at Trinity, only the Torid damage is applied. But if you aim close to her, the Mods elemental damage are also applied by Link (needs confirmation).


Any moderator can move the topic to the bugs section? Or should I create a new one?
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it was working on link 1.0 and still working on lin 2.0. i dont think its a bug cause enemies counted as your hp bar and stands in front of you wherever you are. its a bit tricky at all.

let me tell you a story.


once upon a times when i was using trinity on a nightmare mobile defense with a player with torid.(before Update-9.8) my wireless mouse battery dried out ,and i said to my teammate "bless me with your torid." so.. after he/she shooted me with torid i ve got about 25 kill :) i know its not much but when you cant use your mouse its a good way to get kills. but i ve to give a note here "do not try it with your torid after this update. i ve killed myself for two times with torid by this way :) -actually i was looting but you know self damage is op!-". a long note .. huh.. anyways go and play trinity without duration mods. enjoy double tick damage when you are not host and kill ancients/heavies when you are trying to get back energy :)

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