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Vauban Rework Idea


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Vauban’s current state and it’s flaws.

Vauban is currently one of our weakest frames. With only two abilities that even have a chance at going high level, even those are out matched by other CC frames. He needs a full scale rework, but what to fix?

Well let’s look at his stats first, both normal and prime.

Health: 100, 100

Shields: 75, 100

Armor: 50, 100

Energy: 150, 150

Speed: 1.00

Stat wise he seems fine to me for who he is, I would say maybe 25 more health though. His passive is pretty good too. But the abilities, oh boy, they’re just not good.

The Tesla grenade needs to be completely replaced. Vauban’s supposed to be an extremely smart engineer frame! I don’t want a tiny little grenade that goes “zap!” But sticking with the idea of a trap, I think the Tesla should be replaced with a mine or a bouncing bettie of sorts. The mine would still be an elemental ability, and maybe you could even do a thing like chroma were if you change the energy color the mine changes. An incendiary one that would do straight damage and set everyone on fire. An ice mine that would blow up and freeze the enemies in its radius, like frost’s avalanche. A toxin one that would be like a gas grenade. And a shock one that would temporarily stun. 

His second ability should also be completely redone. None of those grenades are useful, but I do like the idea of being able to have multiple abilities in one. I was thinking that the one of them would be a powerful attack drone. Another could be a defense drone which could provide overshields and improved shield regeneration. Then a final one could be a distraction drone, this drone would draw fire from enemies onto himself.

Bastille can stay as is. 

Vortex should be completely changed too. Bastille already serves the same purpose but better. I also don’t think vortex suits our spacebatman as well. I was thinking that his ultimate be changed to a massive EMP grenade, this would knock out all robotics, shields, cameras and lasers for a period of time. With added power strength the ability could do more damage. You may say that this ability is highly situational and in some cases overpowered, but is it? Other frames could kill everything just as quick as vauban could deactivate it, but vauban’s would add more crowd control and be better for spy’s and rescue type missions(which I really think he should be). It would add a whole new level of stealth on corpus and corrupted boards.

This rework could add a whole other level of versatility to vauban, and shouldn’t he be as such? Please just consider my idea as I though hard about it and offer your suggestions or criticisms as I will appreciate it. Thank you.





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So I don't disagree with most of these points. Vauban is one of my favorite frames and i agree he needs more love. Outside of a full rework i do think Vauban is still too squishy. His passive used to increase his armor (badly i might add but still). I would like to see him have a bit more in that regard and maybe a bit more HP. Cause here's the thing. A basic Limbo has more armor than an unprimed Vauban. 15 more to be specific, and Limbo just hangs out in the rift all day, why does he need more armor? To be fair Vauban Prime has more armor than Limbo Prime, but again it's by 15 and considering Vauban has nothing to mitigates damage outside of bastille (which is a good CC but does not stop projectiles outside of it or when bastille reaches capacity) a problem Limbo's Staticylsm doesn't have. So I'd also suggest a slight tweak to his Bastille that removes Bastille's enemy cap. That would negate Repelling Bastille true, but is that such a bad thing if the biggest problem with the ability was solved anyway? This would also help with min/max management on the frame, since Vauban is one of the few that truly needs a little bit of everything to be useful. Do you sacrifice ability strength and lower your capacity for more range or dura or etc? or do you do the opposite? Or do you sacrifice a bit of stats for more survivalbility itself ie more armor/hp/shields. Vauban is tough to build, and this makes him harder to use in higher ranked missions because unlike other frames that can focus on 2 attributes 'range/dura' 'efficiency/strength' what have you and mitigate survivalbilty concerns that way, Vauban does not.

I like your idea for his first ability. Though instead of energy colour, i'd just move the ability wheel over to his first instead of his 2nd, letting you toggle the mine/grenade/ whatever types from there. Though perhaps in that case it should just be his 2nd ability and something entirely new is developed as his 1. 

His 2nd ability. A lot of people have suggested similar things. Turrets. Drones. Etc Vauban is essentially supposed to be like a Corpus Tech but better right? So any of these ideas would work. Personally though, the Shred/Concussion effects aren't bad. They're just... not easy to execute efficiently. I think these two mines could be combined  into one and updated with a greater blast radius incresed base stats and they'd still be useful in the field. The other two are memes. So anyway that is to say... I don't hate your idea, I just don't particularly love it either. The biggest thing is that while Vauban's 2 isn't necessarily useful it IS highly unique and original in comparison to other frames, and these ideas may increase usefulness but they aren't particularly inspired either. I'd much rather somehow be able to keep with magic toolbelt aesthetic a little bit more. 

I've already said what i think of his 3

Vortex... I disagree entirely with your assertion that it's useless. The idea behind it is that you can set up 2 bastilles and anywhere the two don't cover you can place a vortex and control pretty much every pointof entry. BUT i will agree that for what it does and on the scale it does it on it doesn't  make any sense to be an ultimate. in terms of efficency Bastille IS better. If vortex was moved to a different ability slot, it'd be a lot better (maybe replace the 1 with it or something). As for the EMP, it's not a bad idea, but it's pretty much a buffed/combined Mag Polarize and Volt Overcharge. This 'blackout' would be useful sure, but i don't know about adding versatility. To me it just reads as dumbing down the kit of a character who used to be fairly complex in the name of bringing him into the current meta. Which I can't say is a good or bad thing. My Vauban lover doesn't like it, but my logical mind is a bit more on the fence. Vauban is a tough character to redesign for that reason. He IS complicated and any potential rework bares the potential of stipping him of the uniqueness that veterans like about him.

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