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Does anyone get any use out of Volt's abilities aside from Electric Shield?


Shock and Discharge seem entirely unnecessary with decent weaponry, and Speed seems to be slower than parkour... Maybe the melee speed would be beneficial, but I've personally maxed out my attack speed via mods. Static Discharge doesn't seem like it makes much of a difference, either. Am I mistaken on any of these views? Or is Volt just beneficial for the shield?

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Volt is in my opinion a very nice Warframe, even for endless missions with very high enemy-lvl.
I personally use volt to farm focus in the Elite-Sanctuary Mission. He can clean a complete tileset there with his 4th ability if you are using a nice build, and giving his high dmg output in a very short period of time...well.. it works just fantastic for focus^^
His shield is nice if you want to sit in 1 place/corner and recover for a short period of time or if you wanna kill an eidolon alone, his speed boosts effects attack&reload speed, so popping that in can help you&the team out a litle bit too. And his 1st ability is for me personally a quick emergency "wait, don't attack me right now, I have to reload"-thingy if you are having a small enemy group in front of you and need to stun them.

You can take a look at warframe-builder.com if you are looking for different build ideas (note: use them as a rough base and change them so you are happy with your own personal build) or look around on youtube, I bet there are some nice videos showing his abilities & how to use them in different situations there aswell^^

Volt is nice imo. All of his abilities have at least a little bit of value, specially his 4th ability can do wonders if you are for example looking to farm a lot of focus in a short period of time.

Hope you can get something out of my text^^'


here some screenshots:


 if you have too much formas left in your inventory, a possible ESO build:


If you like his shield, try a similar build to this one:


(you can of course change some mods however you like it better^^)

This little helmet can help your Volt power aswell (but good luck getting your hand on a helmet like that, nowadays they are...only obtainable from other players who have some of those left)


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Pugs sure like to spam Speed, i'm not as certain whether they get any real use of it though, imo. it's a waste of energy and just an annoyance for a team when you have actual useful abilities like Discharge (esp. augmented)and Electric Shield.

The former for fast trash mob clearing and some minor support value and the latter for augmenting your damage and as a niche survival tool. (not very useful against AoE, but it's something)

Shock can also be spammed for fast cc enough to take a shot with a sniper when your targets are breakdance-glitching or moving in a less predictable pattern.

But yeah, Speed can be useful when you solo Meme Strike the map but that's even more cheesy, boring and annoying than pre-nerf Ember was.

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I mostly use his shield and discharge. His first ability i may use sometimes but barely, and will sometimes use it on the shield. I barely and even avoid using speed. I just can't stand how it affects mobility. I would rather use saryn's molt for mobility, but even then I wouldn't because it's used mainly for an escape and heal. So yeah, that's pretty much how I use volt.

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  • Shock itself as CC or Damage is underwhelming as the Damage isn't special and the CC will get shut down by Ancient Healers or Nully bubbles however the Shock Trooper augment for this ability is amazing when running a Corrosive based team or in general unarmroed enemies. I have the calculations somewhere but Shock Trooper on it's own is around a 70% increase in total DPS at 185% Power Strength and it will increase Corrosive proc weight on weapons.


  • Speed I keep up and mostly use for reload speed as where I generally play melee for Volt is a comedy though it does improve Zenistar/Glaive throw speed.
  • Discharge is a decent CC ability. Not of fan of the damage as it doesn't scale well though I can see it's value since Discharge is one of the higher smash 4-to-kill abilities. It does not get shut down by Ancient Healers like Shock but does get shut down by Nully bubbles.

Pretty much all of Volt's abilities are worth using in the right situations. Can you get by just using his shield? Yep.

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Volt has tons of value but you need to build him right:


1. Transistent Shield mod gives you up to 1000 bonus damage to your next attack. That included weapons. That 1k dmg is base damage, BEFORE every mod is calculated. So lets say your zarr have base damage of 500. Now when Transistent Shield mod charged your damage on next attack to 1000k = your zarr next attack is 1500 and it applies to all your damage: status procs, clusters etc. Torid base damage + 1k = also your toxin/corrosive clous base damage gets 1000 bonus damage.

This is one if the strongest buffs you can give to weapon in game but it only works well with weapons that have low fire rate high damage because enemies need to "charge" your shield. Best for endless runs or sorties defenses/survivals. Enemes 80lvl + can charge you to 1k damage in few seconds. Enemies 150+ lvl can do it in few bullets. So best weapons are: Zarr, Torid, crossbows, bows, Tigris, sniper rifles, semi rifles etc.

Here is this build in action and Life of Rio explaining how that awesome bonus damage work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_vTdivhVzg  he went here to 800 lvl enemies but according to Rio this Volt build could easly push to 3k.


This build also works great for Eidolons.

2. Discharge build- best for farming ESO and defense missions if you play with team. Take Capacitance mod to give yourself and team huge overshields each time you fire your Discharge and rest build like that: range>duration>strength. You need at least 250% range becasue Volt Tessla Effect (chain lightings chaining enemies around map) is based on range. More range = more enemies chain Tessla damage to each other all over the map. Tessla can wipe whole maps in seconds if you have enough range as each enemy chains to each enemy around and so is everyone. The smaller map and more enemies= the more insane dps is. Next is duration= you want 150% and no more because then your Tessla will last full 10 seconds. Enough to wipe all trash mobs and enough to even damage new ones that spawned in meantime. Last is strength- generally best is around 200%. You can easly wipe whole maps on ESO with it. For solo ESO- drop strength for Vitality + Steel Fiber or Redirection for bigger overshields with Capacitance.

3. Speed build- for captures/low level content, fast alerts. Max Strength + Kinetic Collision mod (+4 sec Speed duration each time you touch an enemy while speeding)- gotta go fast. Easy.

4. Melee build - max strength you can do (for max attack speed bonus) + Shockin Speed mod for 3m aura around you which stun all enemies. You can dive into big group of enemes and they will be stunned while you melee them to death. Slap Vitality + Steel Fiber to it too and life strike (rank 0) on your melee. YOu don't need more rank as you will attack so fast that you will heal yourself in one channeling tap. Also stun from Shocking Speed counts as another condition for Condition Overload mod. Volt is not strongest melee frame but with max Furt +/or Berserker + Arane + his Speed he can attack with macro on PC faster than animation can handle leading to melting enemies. I recommend polearms (Plague, Lesion or Cyath), whips or Gram/Galantine Prime with him.

Volt is easly most versitile frame. Once you invest in him you have frame that will carry you through all content till you will have more specialized frames for each content - fast captures/assassinations, survivals, ESO focus farming, defenses, melee etc.

Many people underestimate him cause they don't know how strong his Transistent Shield build is and that his Discharge build is based on Range and Duration first and foremost. His speed is great utility and his Shield is strong defense and build right make him laugh at endless mot. He is also arguably strongest frame to solo Eidolons. That is because not only his shield are indescructable but also they give bonus electric damage to any weapon that shoots through it + 2.0x Crit multi. And though crit multi does not stack with number of shields.... electric damage does. So 6 stacked shields give huge electric boost which is so great vs Eidolons barriers and also it can turn elements on some weapons like giving them radiation etc.


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Lots of great info, thanks. 😄 I've been operating under the belief that basically all damage-based #4 abilities were pretty useless... I suppose that's an outdated assumption at this point. And I could've sworn Static Discharge was just a meager 1000 Electric tacked on at the end of all the other calculations.

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