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Objective markers


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Objective markers have been broken for 5 months since I came back from a 3 year break and were probably broken before that. They seem to be getting worse with no apparent fix coming. When will this be addressed and why is this not a priority for DE?  You have all kinds of hotfixes for irrelevant or unimportant things like cloth physics but you haven't fixed a key function of the game.

It's incredibly frustrating when the marker is inaccurate. It's beyond irritating to the point of anger when there's no marker at all (I'm looking at you Taevuni, Kuva Fortress. And that's where I spend 75% of my game time at hundreds of hours). 

Additionally, markers should have more information. In Interception a marker should blink when being attacked. Cyan and Amber stars should be color coded instead of the barley noticeable differentiation which most players probably don't even know.


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The same problem persists pretty much everywhere... Objective marker is broken and DE is not fixing it for some reason. A lot of times when you do missions like exterminate, sabotage, spy, capture, etc... you go so fast that the marker can't even keep up with you and it even points you in the wrong direction. I noticed there is purposely put delay between updates, like some animation, for the marker when you go through rooms...
I swear, every time DE releases some new update, they take 2 steps forward and 1.5 steps backwards breaking something or making absolutely retarded changes like with the objective marker now.
I might copy paste the same post in various threads for players with similar problem, since it's probably the only way to make DE notice threads like this, is only if it has a lot of views and replies...

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