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Nezha's Abilities (Bug List Compilation)


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After extensive playing of Nezha I have concluded there are a few bugs regarding his skills.

 -  His blazing chakram does not mark the first target hit if they are impaled on divine spears, it has to bounce back from another for them to be marked.

  - Blazing chakram also some of the time just doesn't mark enemies, Or bounces back in mid air (Definitely not when it hits the max range, just randomly a few feet infront of me sometimes)


 - His Warding halo cannot be placed on NORMAL Excavators in excavation missions with Safeguard ( While gara's 2 can ), but his halo CAN be placed on orb vallis Extractors, which is it supposed to be? ( I'm assuming the latter is intended due to safeguard being niche anyway)


 - His Divine spears do not Crowd Control everything in the area occasionally ( usually when an ancient healer is around, I will have to test if rhino's stome affects   healers + enemies), And they DEFINITELY do not stun Sentients in any way. they do damage once then the sentient floats away and  slamming the spear does no more damage to the sentient. I feel that with all of these "Anti-Sentient" weaponry and armour we have received ( Umbral mods, Sacrificial Mods, Excalibur Umbra, Paracesis, Operator mode) he should have some way to stop a sentient being able to fly around, especially with his Blazing chakram not always marking.


I have not found any bugs regarding Firewalker as of yet.

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