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Anyone want to speculate what can happen if Riven Locking is in the game?


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I think one way to decide on any features related to the WF economy is to just guess what happens when a feature is in the game, look at the result it has on the game and see if you like it or not.

Trash rivens will probably receive a bump in their value b/c it's probably cheaper to buy trash and reroll and you eventually get stats for locking.

High-ends might get a decrease in their value since lots will just choose to endure the grind b/c they know they'll get something good.

Medium-end rivens will probably increase in price. Same reason as trash rivens, but you just have to work on one stat.

Either way there is going to be more OP rivens, which might make rivens system as a whole more accessible, but you run into the problem of players just running over current contents in Warframe.

Feel free to post your thoughts below. Thanks for reading! 

Edit: off topic but i just want to make a smiley face like : and then >, why does it have to turn into an open mouth closing eyes emoji -_-, stop making me an outrovert stupid forum!!

Edit 2: I've been reading other threads and the cost for locking will probably affect some of the things stated above.

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