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Hello everyone and welcome to this topic. Here I will showcase all the cosmetic concepts I have made that are based around certain resources and minerals found in the Warframe universe, think about Argon, Crimzian, Sentirum, Gallium, Rubedo and more! I hope you can all enjoy these concepts and I hope to show them once again someday in a more 3 dimensional way. Let me know what you think down below as well, feedback is always welcome ❤️


These cosmetics are based of the Argon Crystal, no fear tho, you won't have to buy these every 24 hours! I used silver-like metals complemented with dark carbon and of course the Argon itself. Every single item uses an Argon in some way, shape or form.


Image link: http://imgur.com/HS0oEu5


The Crimzian, a fairly rare mineral from the Plains of Eidolon, now used for your fashion. I tried to think of something to implement the duotone colours of the Crimzian minerals, I did this by combining the well known glass material with the energy color showcasing the fine details of the gem, maybe even slightly animated later on, who knows. These designs sport a nice dark mat metal with purple highlights and of course the Crimzian as the centrepiece.


Image link: http://imgur.com/yVD2Ddc

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