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Locating sound origin is horrible!


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Am I the only one having problems locating sound sources?


E.g. Fluffy hunting (that scream of a mob) or usual "where did the fissure rift spawn at?" locating is horrible.

Doesn't matter if I use my stereo setup (Logitech Z623) or my headset, I simply cannot locate anything properly exclusively to this game here.

Other games like Crysis, The Witcher or whatever ain't causing this very specific issue. Hell, even my own programmed game has a more proper ear-to-ear sound allocation for being a fixed top down isometric game.

I tried to turnoff reverb, which frankly seems to affect only incoming sounds, not my own made sounds (lure thing for hunting for example has reverb), but there is no difference at all and it just sounds bad, unnatural.


The biggest issue is: Is the sound ahead or behind my back?


Does anyone have a fix for this? I even tweaked my RealTek sound options for dual, stereo, 5.1, and whatnot. Nothing gets better nor worse.

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