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Warframe x Fate/Grand Order Event


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hope de and aniplex can get to it for the crossover event, as far as i know, de never made a crossover event with other games...

in fgo, 4* excalibur servant event reward exchange, 5* excalibur umbra servant with limited time rate up summon, 4* ordis event craft essence, 5* lotus craft essence

in wf, excalibur sword crafting, golden beams like Saber when using the sword with exalted blade, santa nero padoru noggle, Saber's armor excalibur skin/fashion armors

both games gets event story quests

since many fans of warframe likes the fgo event and many padoru frames fan-arts coming out in the "Warfrane International Tenno Hub" facebook page, so i would like to propose this event idea as stated in my comment of 1 of the post


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