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Losing items after mission complete screen freezes


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So I just came back after a 2 year break.

Played a 30 minute survival game with the fissues, burned away a lot of rads and got a lot of gold and silver items. The missions completes and shows the results screen but does not take take me back to my lander. It just stays there and I can hear enemy footsteps. I leave it for 5 minutes and it never changes.

I force close the game and reopen it only to find that none of the items I had selected are in my inventory, but my rads are gone.

I know I probably could have screen shotted the list and sent in for support but, this is something I've done many times in the past and upon returning 2 years later to see the same bug continuing to exist I think is going to permanently put me back into another break. It's a complete waste of time.

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