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Mass coildrive spawns inside Corpus structure.


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Ticket: #1527148

On the last part of the tier 5 bounty.
Kill 65 enemies.

Since I was still inside from recently performing a hack here,
I started hitting targets in the building, on my way out.

Then suddenly, a coildrive rests in the middle of the hall.
No problem, can happen I guess. Just a wrong spawn.
But waaait... there's another one next to it.

Moving to another room; more coildrives.
Jumping down a ledge; even more down here too.

The entire corpus base (where the profit-taker orb rests upon),
was filled with coildrives.

Suspended in the air, clipping through walls, you name it.
All in an 'unmanned' state luckily. So the place didn't get bombarded by stuck coildrive snipes.

Unsure if it is reproducible - first time I encounter this phenomena.





Issue seems pretty reproducible.

Coildrives where found spawning outside in another instance.
And this same phenomenon occurs at the spaceport as well.

It even appears that some re-position themselves.
Noticed several damaged (and proc affected) coildrives, appearing in other locations over time.
As if they teleport now and then.



* EE.log and metadata are stored on my drive.
If desired, I can allways send these over as well.

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