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Wts/wtt Riven Mods

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I'd like to sell or trade the following Riven Mods:

Akbolto Fevatis: CD, RS, 0 Rolls, MR10

Akvasto Sati-croninoc: MS, PT, FR, -CD, 0 Rolls, MR 10

Atterax Crita-visicta: FD, MD, CC, - SD, 3 Rolls, MR12

Cassowar Visisus: MD, Slash, 10 Rolls, MR14

Corinth Crita-magnaata: IMP, DAM, CC, +Recoil, 7 Rolls, MR14

Cyath Loctisus: Slash, Range, -SD, 5 Rolls,MR13

Dread Manti-toximag: Toxin, DAM to Corpus, WR, -CD, 0 Rolls, MR15 (Sold to Felkrish)

Gammacor Deci-fevadra: RS, FR, SD, -DAM, 0 Rolls, MR8

Guandao Croni-tempiata: MD, AS, Combo Duration, 0 Rolls, MR14

Ignis Cronicron: CC, 6FR, -Zoom, 10 Rolls, MR14

Lato Toxi-concicon: Toxin, DAM to Grineer, PFS, +Recoil, 4 Rolls, MR9

Opticor Hexatio: Electricity, SC, 10 Rolls, MR16

Pandero Acri-critanak: CC,CD, PFS, 6 Rolls, MR13

Pandero Argi-vexinok: PT, DAM to Grineer, Electricity, 0 Rolls, MR12

Pupacyst Pura-cronitox: AS, Toxin, DAM to Infested, 0 Rolls, MR9

Quartakk Feva-visicron: RS, CC, DAM, -DAM to Corpus, 3 Rolls, MR11

Scindo Ignitor: Range, Heat, -DAM to Grineer, 0 Rolls, MR12

Snipetron Acri-visipha: Heat, CD, DAM, 3 Rolls, MR14

Sobek Crita-visican: MS, CC, DAM, 19 Rolls, MR11 ( Sold to Felkrish)

Stubbs Magna-heraata: Zoom, DAM, Impact, -SC, 8 Rolls, MR14

Tigris Feva-critacan: MS, CC, RS, +Recoil, 1 Roll,Mr16


You can message me here or via PSN (kallefreitag).



Edit: Gundao Riven added

Edit2: Two Riven Mods sold




Edited by (PS4)kallefreitag
Guandao Riven added, two riven mods sold
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