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雙重驗證(Double verification)


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有與 雙重驗證的方便,但是缺忽略了玩家如何更改是否可以 "開啟與關閉"的選項,我被這個 "等待驗證碼".....等到天荒地老了!(已超過30分鐘才來,那何必驗證呢!!!)

我希望先把我個人的雙重驗證關閉,但是時間已拖到整整兩三個月了~ 找不道管道可尋...苦惱中.

There is convenience with double verification, but the lack of neglecting the player's option to change whether it can be "opened and closed", I am being "waiting for verification code"..... wait until the end of time! (It has been more than 30 minutes, then that Why do you have to verify it!!!)
I hope to close my personal double verification first, but the time has been dragged into a full two or three months~ I can't find a pipeline to find... distressed.

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