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Zenistar bug


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Basicly since the last hotfix, the zenistar disk randomly bugs during missions, where I am unable to throw out the disk. Tried weapon swapping, unstuck, falling/jumping down. Nothing helps.

PS: sometimes as randomly as it occurs, it seems to be working fine again after some time/ few dozen of disk throw tries...dont see what makes it work again, or that is maybee random as well.

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I can confirm this. Starting noticing it some days ago, maybe a week. Really irritating.

The disc can become "stuck" in Zenistar, and nothing you do will throw it out. Then some minutes later it works as intended, then it is stuck again. The disc, and Zenistar overall, is basically useless, since the mechanic cannot be trusted to work and there are lot of better weapons for just melee fighting.

The bug has been pretty consistent since it appeared, in that it usually gets stuck during mission, even though it intermittently also works.

I have no clue what makes it get stuck (or usable again), at one point I thought it was linked to using warframe abilities, then to team member lag, now I don't have a clue.

But please fix this, not only is Zenistar pretty unique in how it works, I NEED my disc... 

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