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Vauban's second ability


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Vauban's second ability is garbage, if i want to be polite. Its useless no matter what the situation, and its pointless to use it. The unly use he has is Bastille and Vortex. And i mean ACTUAL use. Throwing a billion tesla on somebody to make their pc lag, is not fun, its not useful and it has absolutely no use in combat. His other 3 abilities, even tesla, they have use in defense missions. So, here's an idea to make vauban be exceptional at something he is already good at. Defense.

Tactical Turret: 50 energy. Vauban places up to 1-2-3-4 turrets with fire range of 10 meters, that shoot with a fire rate of 10 and each bullet deals 45 damage for 10-15-20-25 seconds. You can either tap the button to change the elemental damage that the turret deals, or hold down the button to place the turret. The turret has 1 punch through and  5 modes (physical or either basic elemental damage type, in physical damage is 15 slash/15 impact/15 puncture).

Ability Mod: Elemental turret: You can upgrade an already existing turret by targeting it, and placing another turret, adding the damage, and combining the elements of the 2 turrets.
(example: fire + electricity damage, = 90 damage radiation damage turret. Toxin + physical damage = 45 toxin , 15 impact, 15 puncture and 15 slash damage)

Ability stat modifiers
Strength: Can place more turrets and each turret fires at a faster rate
Duration: Increases the duration of applied status effects and the time the turrets last
Range: increases fire range and punch through

And a not so much needed vortex buff, but i suppose nidus does vortex WAY better than vauban does, so here's a suggestion for vauban's Vortex

Vortex: Every enemy that dies while affected by vortex, increases vortex's duration by 1 second  ,range by 1 meter, and base damage multiplier by 10%, up to 15 enemies.

Also, it would be nice if tesla's augment (Tesla Link) was the an effect of the basic ability, and not an augment.

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