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Unique Energy Bar


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I've been thinking about Energy bars having designs distinct to their respective Warframes. I felt like it's only appropriate considering how far customization to let players feel unique. 

You could go about this in multiple ways. 

1. The whole energy bar redesigned for a warframe

2. Just when energy is max. (Potentially maybe a cool little sound with an animation of energy being released around the maxed circle?_ 

3. The colour of it changing according to the Warframe energy color. 

4. The introduction of community made skins for specific Warframes, also meaning they're restricted to an individual Warframe for example Hydroid Prime and Ember would more or less have completely design incentives and having the energy bar design being allowed for an Ember would really just be dumb.

The disadvantages would clearly be transparency issues and maybe size. 

I haven't fully fleshed out this idea but I feel like with other people's suggestions and tweaks it really could be a nice little addition to make the UI feel that much more complete. 


Thanks for reading

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