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Further improvement to Melee Attacks? Maybe?


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I'm aware of some of the changes that would be implemented with Melee 3.0. This is addressing mainly heavy attacks (holding E) and how they're chained or better yet initiated. 

I find the time taken to launch a heavy attack from a glaive, dual knives, dual swords, sword takes far too long. However what's more important is considering the weapon in consideration. I think the way the developers are looking at weapons' "heavy" attack is incorrect. Universally, knives have the connotation of speed. Dual swords are usually thought to be flashy not for it's speed but for whatever they decide to do (technique), and a sword depending on it's size is known for it's precision and/or strength. The hammer is known for just brutal violence and so on.

To be blunt, the attacks released by are wrong in my opinion. All of them take this stance of long holding for a strong strike. It'd be better to have short dual knives to release a flurry of cuts that would increase the % of bleeding, dual swords to be more flashy maybe using a spin and so on. I'm hoping more people could add on to this as my creativity is severely lacking. 

Finally, a double silent attack would be great when enemies are right next to each other. 

I understand Melee 3.0 is attempting to make heavy attacks more common which may reduce the time taken to initiate it, as the time taken is a huge problem by turning people off and the range at which you need to be otherwise you'll go right past your enemies. But I don't think what I'm suggesting is being taken into consideration. 

Thank you for reading!

I think I posted this in the wrong subthread.

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My friend, set your mind at ease.

Melee 3.0 is not some simple 'make heavy attacks more important' system. It's evolved to a complete re-tooling of the entire melee system.

Over the DevStreams and the previews we’ve had as a secondary thing from some of the Fortuna streams, the aim is very, very in-depth.

So, all weapons are having their melee stances redone. There will now be a four-button combo for each one, which will be varied by either being stationary, holding Block, or being in motion. And each will have its own benefits, the stationary ones will be precise and good for single targets, the moving ones will be full of animations that help you travel through a crowd, and the block combos will actually start with a ‘gap closer’ animation that allows you to cover the distance to a target quickly.

On top of that, the base stats of melee are going to be looked at, so that weapons like dual swords and daggers have a minimum range far more compatible with day-to-day melee work, and Range as a mod will become less effective to compensate for how powerful it makes the weapons with much longer base range. All the animations are being updated to have visual effects for where your actual range is, if you extend it beyond the physical reach of the weapon.

Base damage is being increased, and the basic melee attacks are not going to be scaled off the combo counter, and instead you will be able to scale up the combo far, far more quickly (so to something like 8x by the time the current one would have hit 3x) and you use it as a charge-up-and-release function for the Heavy Attacks.

As to your point about what Heavy Attack animations should look like… We don’t know precisely, yet, but with this function of ‘expending’ the combo counter on your Heavy Attack, it’s likely that each weapon will have a dedicated animation for its type that is only one hit.

A flurry of dagger strikes, for example, does sound cool and would look cool, but would be mathematically difficult to program in for the damage buff, you would have to split the damage from the multiplier across the multi-hits and connect with every one just to get the full benefit.

Even your point about the time to initiate isn’t really a thing anymore, because you can roll-cancel your strikes during the initiation to dodge any incoming damage and DE have even gone a step further; if you roll while holding the Block, even from a heavy attack initiation, you actually only roll a reduced distance so that you’re still in melee range when you’re finished.

Outside of that they’re retuning the weapon switch with Melee and Primary/Secondary, so that if you hit Quick Melee it will actually put you into Melee mode, so you can continue swinging, use combos, and then switch back to your ranged weapon when you need to.

So, yeah.

Don’t fret on it, this isn’t some half-arsed thing they’re forcing on us, this is actual Melee.

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