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Reduce bundle costs for owned items


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Will we ever see a feature that allows us to buy a bundle at a reduced cost for items that we own within the bundle?

I was going to buy the big solstice bundles but I already have the warframe/skins in them, so I plan to just buy the contents separately but would love to buy them all in bundle. Maybe it's cheaper to buy them individually with coupons, but there's just something about buying bundles that warms me up inside.

I'm stuck with this on the Trinity and Chroma deluxe skin bundles too because someone gifted me the individual skins but I want to buy their bundles for the extra items included, but I cannot buy those separately and can't justify the price for skins I already have... 

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On 2018-12-07 at 11:09 AM, (XB1)Cubic Clem said:

The same was said about accessories only packs from unvaulting.. 🤔 

Thats different, that making more money by selling something they stopped selling, OP is talking about them making less money by not selling part of a bundle and adjusting the price accordingly. They are hoping that players like my self that own one or two items out of a bundle will one day want the bundle only cosmetics enough to buy said bundle.

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