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Game Error


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Go in to game.

Let the error happen.

Exit the game.

Go to your start menu
Type: dxdiag and press enter
When the program appears, select the Save All Information tab and save it somewhere.


Click on the Warframe logo at the top of the page.
Choose the Community tab.

Select support.
Ask a new question.

Choose the option to attach a file

Navigate to this folder on your PC:  C:\Users\ACCOUNTNAME\AppData\Local\Warframe
Attach the EE.log file
Choose the attach option again.

Navigate to the Dxdiag file you saved.

Attach it.

Explain the issue.
Submit the question.

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I doubt submitting a report is going to work as everyone will be encountering the same issue, the best bet is to wait until they put a hot fix or patch update through.


Annoying I know, as I'm trying to rank up. But it only seems to happen on certain levels. Also I guess they are in the middle of pushing through parts for update 10 so we can expect issues to arize.

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Have the same error. I don't know exactly, but it seems only host have this problems. I saw many times when the level started, after 2-4 minutes of playing host was disconnected, then host changed to another player, and the same trouble happens to new hos again. When i became a host, after 3 minutes my screen freezed, and i had to shut down Waframe.exe process to exit the game.

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Please send us a support ticket by clicking on Support at the bottom of this page.


Include your EE.log file by Navigating to this folder on your PC:




Attach the EE.log file to the support ticket and explain what you’re having problems with.


We’re trying to fix this issue.


Thank you for your patience Tenno.

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