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Short concept: Syndicate operatives assassins.


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I just thought it would be really cool if syndicates would send their operatives along the eximus specters.

To explain my idea further;

  • Instead of 8 specters on the first "rank" of syndicate disfavor, they'll send 6 specters + 2 hostile operatives and 12 specters + 4 operatives for the second rank ( Number of specters for the first rank is 8, I don't know what was it for second rank, so I've just guessed it's 16 )
  • Operatives will have a small chance of dropping warframe or weapon augments and a very small chance of dropping archwing weapon part sold by attacking syndicate.
  • Obviously, if your teammate gets attacked by a syndicate, you won't receive standing penalty for killing their operatives.
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