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severe Framerate issues


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i am experiencing severe framerate issues.

my fps are jumping anywhere from 1xx to 5xx multiple times within a second (or ~120-200 with fps-limit).

these lagspikes are visible and feelable when playing and its close to unplayable with fps-limit on.

GPU Utilisation jumping betewwn 40 and 80%

Memory Usage is jumping between 11 and 35%

somehing must have went wrong with the latest hot-fixes since it was no problem 48h ago.

the nvidia patch did not change anything - the problem existed before and after the gpu driver update.

the gpu i use is a Zotac GTX1080Ti running at factory clock.


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Ive been having it too . I suspect it may have something to do with max frame rate as when im in my orbiter with max frame rate set to 60 my GPU is at 37 - 45% utilization however changing max frame to no limit would cause the game the game to use 99%. v- sync was off in both cases . 
im using a gigabyte G1 960 4gb .
note that i also noticed that my CPU would spike in the same fashion as my GPU.

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