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Can't progress on Solaris standing


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Wanting to progress from Doer to Cove, but i'm stuck at 66,540 form the 70.000. No matter how many bounties I make it still will say i'm capped and if I try trading things for standing it will also mention I am capped. I can't progress because Eudico says I don't have enough standing.

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33 minutes ago, Void_Owl said:


And just so I can make it clear, I haven't played for 12 hours since yesterday farming.

And today all I day was one lv.5 bounty and one lv.1 bounty. 

You've hit your daily cap.

Wait until daily reset, then you can farm some more standing and rank up.

It's explained here:


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On 2018-12-07 at 12:24 PM, Void_Owl said:

All I did today was one Lv.5 bounty and one lv.1 bounty, how can I be at max cap?

Warframe's daily reset is at midnight GMT, no matter where in the world you are. To use my own time zone as an example, that means that it resets every day at 7:00PM. If I play a bunch of bounties from 8:00PM to 11:00PM, and then I go to do bounties at 4:00PM the next day, I'm still running on the same daily cap. If it helps you remember, the reset timer for the daily cap is also the same time as the daily timer for the daily login reward, as well as Simaris' daily Synthesis target (although it's separate from the reset timer for sorties and syndicate alerts).

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