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Arbitration Door bug


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There seems to be a bug in Arbitration that when a host migration occurs some doors will lock down like the enemies lock down a room without any console to unlock them.

It just happened to me 10 mins after writing this thread were i was separated with my squad from the other side of the room, luckly i was on the side of the evac

(Tileset :grineer, Faction :infested ,Mode :survival) and can extract the team if needed. It might be a random bug since it happened to me the first time but I just want to let you guys know in advance, ill see if i can link the video i captured during that time.

*If you guys were wondering if we finished the mission then the answer is yes, although one guy left and it was just me (Trinity on the evac side) and a Rhino player on the other side, we both agreed to escape at the 20 min mark. I was hugging the door so that i could still heal him and provide energy.*

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