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let tennogen skin prime frames


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Eh, they may have to for Mesa Prime... that model has so much extra going on on top of the base model... XD

3 hours ago, (PS4)ZERO_ghost90 said:

What do you mean exactly? Tennogen skins affect the prime and regular versions of frames

The Prime models are getting more and more involved, with changes to the proportions, the attributes and so on that make it less easy for people to design Tennogen that is able to use the Prime Attributes effectively.

Take Zephyr, for example, her Prime includes a completely different model from the waist down, completely eliminating the fin that extends from base Zephyr's hips, changing the size of the leg 'armour' and adding the vents on the bottom of the calves. Equipping the Tennogen skin and getting the effect that the creator wanted on Zephyr's legs requires toggling the Prime Attributes off.

It's not actually a bad idea to give Tennogen makers access to the Prime variants of frames that they can produce skins for, at the very least it could then result in a skin for the base Warframe that looks good, but then when you equip the Prime Attributes, it looks even better XD

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